The Madness of Reading 200+ Emails in the Middle of the Night

All the emails tell you to learn something new or buy a course. Our education system didn’t train us for this. We need to think differently and be hardwired for entrepreneurship.

Typewriter showing text: The madness of reading 200+ emails in the middle of the night

I don’t know about you, but I’m on a lot of people’s lists (sometime’s twice by accident 🤣).  I sign up to someone’s email sequences or newsletter and they become a little part of my life, for a little while.

For whatever reason, I’d let my emails build up to a slightly over-facing 200+ sitting in my inbox, waiting to be read and last night, when I couldn’t sleep I delved into some of them.  The speed at which I clicked “next” or “delete” triggered a realisation.  Practically each and every one of them was written from the angle that, as some kind of online creative in this world I was missing out on something or needed to learn something new, adopt a new behaviour or take a course.

My view could be shaped by the Baader–Meinhof phenomenon aka the frequency illusion, when you become aware of something and then see it everywhere …
~ or cynically - that everyone had their own ulterior motive going on, to sell what they were offering,
👀 except Alli Graham - with The Magnificent Me Project emails (the coolest insights in to real life since the Ancient Egyptians).

This epiphany - that there’s a consensus that we need to learn, improve, change - in order to succeed in this online space, hammered home to me, not that we weren’t cut out for this…

✋ BUT that we weren’t trained for this.

Simply put - we haven’t been hardwired to be the online entrepreneurs we need to be.

Unless your parents are Deidre and James Dyson, it’s likely you’ll have experienced a similar reality to everyone else.

Our entire education and societal system has been structured to make us conform.  To think convergently.  To feel weird unless we’re striving to fit in.  It was built to create pliant, subservient factory workers.  For us to do as we’re told.

Which might have been fine in the Victorian ages, but in today’s world we are woefully behind the skills gap we need for tomorrow’s world (which ironically has been the consistent focus for my serious educational-orientated “day job” for some time now).

To adapt to entrepreneurial life and to ready ourselves for success - we don’t need 200+ emails telling us to buy this new course, so we can learn this new shiny thing ad infinitum.  Instead, we need to think differently.  To change our neural networks, to fire our brains divergently - to programme ourselves for success as the antithesis to the factory worker - to think - and behave - like a successful online entrepreneur.

And that’s why I’m delighted to share another gift from my mentor today.
James Wedmore’s book: Hardwired for Entrepreneurship
(you can get your copy, for free, here)

This short read - 30+ pages - will help catapult you into the inside track of 7 (sometimes 8) figure entrepreneurial thinking.  I can tell you this, right now: it might feel counter intuitive.  It’s almost guaranteed to contradict what every else is teaching.  It’s “backwards” to pretty much everything we’ve been taught so far.

And that’s why it works.

With love and belief in your ideas,

Signature: Sarah Cousins, Ideas Girl™