Crafting a Profitable and Irresistible Offer: How Thinking Differently Gets You Better Results

Point A to Point B in Offer Creation Doesn’t Equal Transformation

Taking your idea and turning it into a profitable and irresistible offer is crucial for establishing your authority in your marketplace and helping your customers get better results.

We’ve been unknowingly mislead.  Traditional coaches and course creators will tell you to bridge the gap between “Point A” and “Point B” in offer creation - but since when does life move in straight lines?  To achieve a better set of results you’re going to need a different way of thinking. 

The reality is that profitable and irresistible ideas rarely appear magically on their own.  Successful course creators seldom show you behind the scenes or are able to consciously identify and then communicate what makes the difference.  When you’re starting out, it can feel like you’re being bombarded with information, with the realisation that the majority of it isn’t helpful.  It doesn’t take long before the average online entrepreneur starts to feel lost and overwhelmed.

Other mistakes people can make in offer creation is not knowing who their audience is and not spending enough time simplifying a complicated process to make it as easy as possible for their customers to understand.  Overloading an offer with too much information or too many moving parts can also overwhelm and confuse your potential customers.  That’s when everything starts to feel like hard work.  

In a nutshell, the most important thing your customers care about is solving the problem which matters most to them.  Yet as creators, we get caught up with all the packaging, pricing and tech hurdles rather than spending 90% of our time developing the definitive way to solve their problems easily.  Once you’ve nailed that, it becomes far easier to know where to add value, communicate that value effectively and to deliver on your promises.  Creating an irresistible idea requires the critical ingredients to be put in place first, in a way only you can - and cutting out all the fluff whilst saving valuable time.  

Ironically, linear thinking hasn’t helped us.

Solving problems sounds easy on paper, but we’ve been indoctrinated into linear thinking from an early age.  We’re taught to pride ourselves on being practical, to think in neat, straight, logical lines, assuming that’s the fastest, most efficient way to get somewhere.  Offer creators and coaches asked us to “close the gap” to produce results - and we all accepted that was the only way to get things done.  

In real life problems are like spiders’ webs, or holograms.  The depth and dimension of extra layers can compound the original problem and confuse us by adding additional symptoms on top.  Our goal should be to zero-in on what the original cause of the problem is and then to work out how to diffuse, disarm or ideally dissolve it.

As humans, we tend to over complicate things.

In the online course/offer world we’ve been taught to create value ladders.  In theory you’re meant to consistently be moving your customers closer up the next step in your offer suite - but perhaps that’s another distraction?  If you’re doing a great job then happy customers will want to continue working with you - plus, who said your customers move in straight lines?

In my Irresistible Idea Workshop™, I lay out the practical process for how to dissolve and collapse problems.  To think inside-out and abandon the Point A to Point B “close the gap” kind of thinking.  This is because trying to move people from point A to point B doesn’t give you transformation.  At best it gives you progress.  

The process that I share in my workshop shows you how to create lasting transformation, by dissolving problems from the inside out.  By its very nature, using transformative problem-solving helps you create no brainer offers which your clients should find hard to resist.

The Irresistible Idea Workshop™

The experience people go through as part of your offer also makes an important difference.

Nurturing your people from the moment you engage them and then exceeding their expectations helps build your credibility and authority in your chosen niche.  Most people also appreciate frameworks to follow.  They help people feel safe, through making sense of concepts or processes, which means they can avoid burnout and save time.  My Workshop includes a seven-part framework and a corresponding roadmap for this reason.  Having a visual framework to follow, helps your customers understand how everything fits together, where they are and what’s coming up next.  Completing a roadmap or process also helps them take action - in my case that means helping course creators focus on the questions which need answering to shape their offer.  

Having a framework or roadmap to refer back to can also be a huge bonus when it comes to packaging everything up and communicating it properly.  Then there’s no risk of overlooking talking about a crucial element when promoting your unique selling points.  I’ve also found that seeing your vision on one page does something to your brain, somehow it allows you to think bigger.

That’s something my workshop participants have noticed too.  Dr B, a psychotherapist for 30+ years said “This workshop gave me the big picture, with the PIP Roadmap helping me see I have everything covered.  It’s a fast-paced workshop, excellent value for the money and has helped me identify the need to focus on attracting more of the ideal students into my program.”

Nicole Hate, Life Coach and Hypnosis Expert said “I started with a blank slate, I didn’t have an offer - but I had an idea of what I wanted the offer to be, but I didn’t have anything laid out yet.  The framework within the Workshop took me from zero to three quarters of the way done in roughly two and a half hours (including breaks, research etc) - not bad!  It’s very interactive and engaging. 

“I appreciated the extra deliverables - as I was able to use them in tandem with watching the Workshop to craft my offer.”

And Lisa Carroll, a Kajabi Business and Design Specialist who helps people grow their income and their impact using the membership model said “The Irresistible Idea Workshop™ offers a solid framework for turning your ideas into income!  Stunning presentation plus helpful tips, roadmaps and workbook - everything you need to create your irresistible offer with confidence.”

Ultimately, if you've been trying to create transformational offers using Point A to Point B thinking, it might have felt like you had your hands tied behind your back, trying to catch a tennis ball with your teeth.

Thinking through depth and dimensions is likely to produce a more comprehensive solution than a flat, 2D straight line.  The work you do behind the scenes, really cutting to the core of understanding the problem so you can solve it efficiently, will make it feel like a breeze for your customers to say yes to.  It might take slightly longer than jotting down “A” to “B”, but investing time and attention in getting the groundwork right, early on, saves a mountain of time and energy later - when it comes to communicating the real value of your solution.

If you’d like to see offer creation in a whole new light and learn the secrets to crafting offers your audience can’t resist, I invite you to join me for my one hour, paid, on demand workshop to discover the critical ingredients you need to put in place to turn your idea into a profitable and irresistible offer.  Find out more here.