End Email Silence

+ Take bitesized actions to improve your email marketing

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Dear Reader,

"Write a regular email to your list they said."
"It will be easy they said."

You know emails work.
So why aren’t we using them consistently?
I examined the reasons behind this. . .

Perhaps you feel slightly awkward or self-indulgent to assume people will interrupt their busy lives for a glimpse into yours?

Maybe you don’t know what to talk about.
Or can’t find the words.
Or perhaps it’s just that other things in your business (and life) take precedence.

Add to that that we’ve been schooled to believe it’s not polite to blow your own trumpet….
... and the result is email silence.

Look, I understand.
As creative entrepreneurs we’ve been told we should do “all the things”, “all the time”.

And that’s simply not sustainable.

So we look for shortcuts, systems, winning formulas to help make our lives that little bit easier and sometimes things drop through the gaps, when the reality is we need to simplify our approach.

Taking small steps on a regular basis can build momentum and lead to significant results.   Letting you get back to focusing on the cornerstone of communicating with your customers and potential customers - your audience, to build those relationships and nurture your people.

Your vision, your reason for starting out in our online space is because you have a purpose, a message you want to get out into the world!

I invite you to join me in helping you accomplish that this year with . . .

The Email Experiment

Over 50 industry leaders and up-and-coming experts have joined together to help you improve your email marketing, without the overwhelm.  Every week you’ll get one easy-to-implement, bitesized action, so you can make progress in turning your email marketing around and upping your game, establishing this essential building block in our online industry.

You’ll get one bitesized action to take, each week, for 50 weeks.
Each expert’s contribution has been chosen with care, to bring you the very best results.

It’s an experiment because you get to see what’s possible to achieve through taking regular micro-actions every week.  There are no mistakes.  You literally can’t fail.

You get to learn from the very best - and to apply their wisdom quickly and easily in this fast-action format!  By the end of the year you’ll have a fresh take on your emails, know what works for you and have experimented with fun new ideas, so you can keep your conversations and connections with your people going.

Jump in now for the crazy price of $27.

With love and belief in your ideas,

Signature: Sarah Cousins, Ideas Girl™

PS. Yep - that really is $27 for the entire year.
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