The 8-Figure Blueprint

Behind the Scenes of a Multi-Million Dollar-a-Year Business

Here is your blueprint to reach eight figures.  Full disclaimer, I’m not at eight figures (yet).  This “blueprint” belongs to my mentor, James Wedmore and comes in the form of him sharing his business experience through the LIVE training “The Rise of the Digital CEO”.  I have also seen behind-the-scenes, through his signature programme, Business By Design and being one of his affiliate partners.  And it’s impressive.  Being part of his yearly launches for three years straight has taught me some valuable lessons.  

James’ launches typically are only cart-open for four days.

Last year he achieved $4,749,851 USD in those four days.

Or did he?

Because whilst the cart may be only open for four days as the flurry of decisive buyers beat their path, there is a world of planning, orchestration and strategy building towards those intense final days which begin months beforehand, carefully combining to deliver a show-stopper of a launch process in its entirety. 

In addition to a strong affiliate network, with support agents like yours truly, James has a far-reaching global fan base, comprised of loyal customers as well as staunch followers.  He has strategic alliances with industry leaders and good friends - top names like Amy Porterfield, Kathrin Zenkina, Stu McLaren, Pat Flynn, Colin Boyd, Liz Melville, Selena Soo, Brandon Lucero, Jasmine Starr, Mel Abraham, Jim Fortin, Zach Spuckler, Jack Long, Coach Glitter, Caitlin Bacher, Jill and Josh Stanton and more.

And he has a team of superstars.  Performing at the top of their game, “Team Wedmore” is made up of six full-time team members contributing their 100% focus and attention to the 15-day launch window along with the months of preparation beforehand.

The parts we see in this build-up contribute to James’ “launch runway”.  In Business By Design or BBD, you get full breakdowns of the 11 main types of runway you can select or combine to suit your business needs.  James is nothing if not thorough so as part of BBD you receive a full overview and deconstruction of what each strategy involves as well as the process laid out (in, formerly Process Street) ready to “plug and play” - or hand over to your VA or Integrator to implement on your behalf. 

From this perspective, watching the launch for BBD 2023 is poetry in motion.

This man walks his talk.

He has layered multiple touch points of broadcasting high-end instructional LIVES - hello “The Rise of the Digital CEO”, with interactive elements (the CEO Quiz), delivered resource opt-ins (the CEO dashboard), shared his book (Hardwired for Entrepreneurship), made his proven step-by-step video course “100 Leads” available for free for a limited time (usually $197) - and has made his “Nail Your Niche” Masterclass available for the special price of $97 (normally $297).  Every facet is underpinned with solid email sequences, omnipotent social presence and clever ad placements and retargeting.  And there are further surprises ahead.  

This year saw the launch of a secret podcast: “The Sourcerer/CEO” - a private audio series of over five hours - packed into eight episodes sharing insights of a spiritual/mindset nature to support achieving transformational results.  

Part One of The Rise of the Digital CEO was broadcast on Thursday 1 June 2023 at 11am PDT or 7pm for us Brits and Europeans.  It was an epic three-hour marathon, jam-packed with insights from how you see your business will determine what is possible for you - to actionable steps including completing a workbook and the CEO dashboard.  Every time I invest my attention in watching a valuable resource from James I discover completely fresh perspectives.  The kind of lightning-bolt inspiration and insights which knock your socks off.  This year was no exception.

James Wedmore presenting The Rise of the Digital CEO in 2022.

James Wedmore presenting The Rise of the Digital CEO in 2022.

I joined BBD in October 2018.

My story isn’t unusual.  In keeping with many entrepreneurs I had a demanding day job, often working 10 to 12-hour days, at a fast pace, whilst also running my online course business and marketing consultancy alongside.  My own work was always the first to be sacrificed in order to ensure my day job had top priority.  Consequently, my own offer development, programme launches and promotions would be placed on pause, stagnate at roadblocks or live “under construction” in sub-optimal conditions whilst I reached for any kind of life balance or sanity.

Many new BBD students join as the “overworked, underpaid employee”, who will courageously share that they don’t have a plan and are afraid to make mistakes.  Many don’t know their niche and for most of us, reaching 8 figures is in another stratosphere - with our feet on the ground we’d be grateful to cover bills - and to make 3 to 5k per month would be dream-come-true money.  And that’s ok.  We are all exactly where we are, in this moment.

One of the first things I remember James opening my eyes to in the private BBD community Facebook group when I joined, was that there is no need to apologise for being a “newbie” or “late to the party”.  As a keen entrepreneur with plans, it’s easy to compare yourself to others, to feel that you’re behind on watching the modules, taking action or even getting started - but actually you take the steps you can, from where you are and you maintain focus and consistency in order to achieve results.  And it’s never too late to get started.

One of the biggest epiphany-style awakenings for me was the realisation that there is no point in being busy for the sake of it.  Previous coaches and gurus had told me I needed multiple opt-ins, challenges, mini-courses, podcasts, presence on every platform - even a “show” - but without getting to (and understanding) the core, driving behind what I was creating, all of these “busy actions” translated as superfluous fluff.  Following the next shiny thing had left me distracted, resource-scattered and worn out.

In Thursday’s “Part 1 - The Rise of the Digital CEO” I was reminded to ditch the mundane tasks from my to-do list.  One of my favourite quotes from Part 1 was “Why are we putting everything on the tool, when it comes down to the person wielding the tool”, reminding me that it’s not really about which launch strategies you deploy, it’s having the vision and the thinking behind your business which creates the difference.

I originally joined BBD because I wanted proven processes to follow.  I wanted structure and strategy.  I got that of course, but it wasn’t actually what I had needed.  James is a known advocate for ditching the “hustle” mentality to create true and lasting success from the inside out - and that is what I had really required.  The thought processes, the thinking to find my own feet and take steps in the right direction.

Thanks to BBD, as I’ve grown into my confidence and stepped up my strategy I am now more comfortable with non-conformity.  James’ work has helped me see that I’m built differently and so it’s ok for me to build my business differently.  That most of us were indoctrinated with the training and skills to be dutiful employees rather than visionary entrepreneurs and to break free of that we were always going to need a different way of thinking.  Business By Design reminded me to question everything.  To add more analysis, evaluation and structure into my approach and business and to not be afraid to dream big.

As a result, I’ve taken steps I’d never dared to take before.  I’ve put myself forward, gaining strategic partnerships.  I’ve stood up for what I believe in.  I’ve secured founding members before I launched offers.  I’ve reached out to industry giants I would have been terrified of approaching before now.  Even in my traditional consultancy work I’ve raised my prices, gone after bigger contracts and worked with international clients.  In short - I’ve backed myself.

The lessons I’ve learnt from Business By Design and through seeing James’ launches of BBD behind the scenes have surprised me.  I’ve realised there is potential for fun in business (~ who’d have thought!).  I’ve seen the radical impact thinking differently can make and how psychology can shape curriculum.  It’s finally “clicked” for me that my business is a reflection of me.  I know now that it doesn’t matter where you started and it’s ok if you change direction.  The important thing is to bring your ideas to life, make your impact and ultimately create your vision.

From his first digital product as a bartender (teaching you how to “Bartend 4 Profit”), then becoming the go-to YouTube guy, James changed his business offer from a decision he took back in 2015.  He made a massive shift to focus on a big gap missing in the marketplace, the mindset needed for entrepreneurship.  He launched his “woo-woo” Mind Your Business podcast, started a business mastermind and created and then launched the first version of Business By Design in 2016.  James now works with some of the world’s biggest names and helps thousands of creative entrepreneurs in the online space. 

James’ signature programme Business By Design is not his only offer.  He has Next Level - a strategic, group-coaching experience, The Inner Circle - a high-level performance Mastermind and several other flagship programmes including Sales Page By Design, Nail Your Niche, Mind Your Money, Absolute Automation and Program Design (some of these programmes are included within BBD).

PS. If you would like to see the bonuses I have on offer if you choose to sign up to Business By Design through my link they are here.