They Analysed Our Behaviour

Then Sold it Back to Us

Typewriter showing text: They Analysed Our Behaviour - Then Sold it Back to Us

Instead of consigning a new assemblage of courses, software and lifetime deals to my credit card with wild abandon during Black Friday, I slid into some kind of existential inbox awakening.

How was it for you?

Before BF even hit, I came to the abrupt epiphany that I seem to be on everybody’s list - I didn’t feel overwhelmed, I felt invaded. And I didn’t like it.

I found myself asking . . .

Why do we do this to ourselves?!

This year I noticed it began several weeks earlier, so it’s not even a 4 day phenomenon anymore.

In 48 hours I went from cheerfully planning to announce my own brand new workshop . . .

. . . to feeling the ick.

I took stock, deciding I’d rather take longer to add the finishing touches to my offer than rush to meet a self-imposed manmade deadline and I began questioning whether it was a great time to launch anything anyway, competing with so.much.noise.

I may have got this wrong.

Correct me if you like.

Perhaps the last few years have shaped us and we’ve begun to ask what we signed up for and why we bought into this.  The gurus of commerce analysed our behaviour then sold it back to us and now we dance when the music plays.

I think pretty much inside-out for everything else yet surprised myself getting caught up in the hype.  

I’m on a mission to celebrate brilliant ideas and create better experiences.  I’d love to know - what impressed the heck out of you during the intensity of Black Friday-Cyber Monday?  Let me know, I’d love to hear!

With love and belief in your ideas,

Signature: Sarah Cousins, Ideas Girl™