This is for You: Front Row Tickets to the Reveal of an 8 Figure Blueprint!

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Would you like a golden ticket to front row seats at one the world’s best training events in the online world?
What if I said there’s no charge?

And - that, for the best experience you can attend LIVE - but you can also catch up with the replays when you like, so you can pause, rewind and re-watch to really hear the impact?

This one-of-a-kind experience could help you:

» Break through your financial goals
» Attract exactly the kind of clients you’ve been looking for - who need you and who are eager to pay to work with you ~ and ~
» Help you gain more freedom and ease in your entrepreneurial life.

This training only happens once a year.

It’s called The Rise of the Digital CEO and it kicks off on 1 June.

This is a great community and experience to be part of (you can join the Facebook group here).

There’s no catch.  There’s no hidden agenda.  It’s created and delivered by my mentor, James Wedmore.  James doesn’t waste time.  He teaches stuff which blows your mind.  He’s practical, down-to-earth and walks-the-talk.  

In previous years, amongst other things, he’s helped me see:

✷ The more structure I add in to my business, the more freedom I can get back.
✷ I’m built differently, so I can build my business differently.
✷ Until I move away from the approach an overworked, underpaid employee would take, I’m missing out on being a Digital CEO.

This year he’s going to share his blueprint of how he built an 8-figure a year business doing what he loves.

Here’s what you get when you sign up (for free)!

❯❯ Day 1 - The DNA of the Digital CEO (1 June 11am PTD / 7pm BST)
❯❯ Day 2 - Create Money on Demand (6 June 11am PTD / 7pm BST)
❯❯ Day 3 - Your Business Machine (8 June 11am PTD / 7pm BST)

I invite you to join us for some big thinking and some practical plans.

So pull up a chair, nestle yourself in your sofa or comfy place, grab some snacks and get ready to join!  Click here to get everything you need!

With love and belief in your ideas,

Signature: Sarah Cousins, Ideas Girl™

PS  Described as "The best business training I've ever seen and could even imagine. Super inspiring" and "a huge eye-opener" it's really too good to miss!